Sewickley Heights Power Surge Protection

A power surge can travel through the wiring in your entire house and cause serious damage to appliances and electronic equipment. Surge protection strips and protective panels cannot completely protect your home from the significant harm caused by a potent power surge. A To Z Quality Electric offers reliable protection devices and techniques that keep Sewickley Heights properties safe.

What Is a Power Surge?

When the flow of electricity is interrupted during a power outage and then starts up again, after power is restored, low to high level surges cause thousands of electric volts to travel through the wiring. This can cause damage, ranging from a blown fuse to melted appliance parts or worse. This sudden and abrupt increase in electricity can cause electrical systems to overheat, become permanently damaged, or catch fire. Personal computers, audio- visual equipment, fridges, air conditioners and other sensitive electronic equipment are all susceptible to substantial harm caused by unexpected power surges.

External Power Surges

Power surges that occur outside your home or business location often involve a tree limb that has come into contact with a power line, or lightning that has struck a piece of utility equipment. Major outdoor power surges can travel through telephone and cable lines and cause serious and sudden damage to surrounding buildings and areas. Property owners in outlying areas of the Sewickley Heights region are particularly vulnerable to external power surges caused by lightning and extreme weather conditions.

Qualified Surge Protection Experts

A To Z Quality Electric offers surge protection by redirecting the increased electrical current into a grounding wire that regulates voltage and prevents damage. Offering a range of whole house surge protection services, clients can choose from automatic warning systems, power shut down protection, resettable circuit breakers and other electrical protection options, provided with complete warranties. Only a licensed electrician is qualified to install the necessary components to the main electrical panel and protect your property. For guaranteed safety and complete protection of your electronic equipment contact our licensed and experienced electrical experts in Sewickley Heights.

Did you know?

Many recently manufactured appliances and cable boxes are actually more prone to damage from a power surge than some older models. A To Z Quality Electric advocates the use of standard plug in protectors in combination with professional surge protection services and customized systems.

Electrical Experts in Sewickley Heights

A To Z Quality Electric electricians are certified to install home surge protection in the Sewickley Heights region. Each of our certified technicians is licensed to offer rigorous code testing and professional assessments. Up to date with the latest technological advances in the industry, we follow strict Sewickley Heights guidelines and customize surge protection needs according your requirements.

Storm Surge Protection Tip

The installation of a surge protection device from a licensed electrician is the best method for protecting your appliances and electronics. Protect circuit boards from current overload by turning off the breakers for your fridge stove, dishwasher, furnace, heating or air conditioning when storms are forecast.