Going green in your new home electrical installation in Pittsburgh can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. With the high energy costs and the ever increasing cost of consumer goods, installing green electrical systems can make your life so much easier. These systems will allow you to reduce your energy consumption, increase the efficiency of your home, and save good money on energy costs. You’ll also make your contribution in creating a cleaner, greener environment.
If you are thinking about going green in your new home electrical installation, here are several ways in which you could start saving.

Tips for Going Green in New Home Electrical Installation

1. LED lighting. LED lights convert 80 percent of the electrical energy into light energy, making it one of the most energy efficient lighting options available today. They are also quite durable (which means they don’t require short-term maintenance) and can help reduce light pollution. Installing these lights makes both economic and ecological sense. You can get quality LED light fixtures from a qualified new home electrician service.
2. Power factor correction. Installing a power correction device can help reduce potential power losses in your new electrical system. The device will reclaim, restore and resupply the reactive power load in the system, allowing you to realize significant savings on energy bills.
3. Occupancy sensors/lighting timers. Installing occupancy sensors and/or lighting timers can help reduce wasted electrical energy in your home. Occupancy sensors use passive infrared sensing to deliver hands free switching, which can result in substantial energy savings. You can hire a professional new home electrician service to install quality occupancy sensors or lighting timers in your home.
4. Solar panels. Even though solar panels might not leave your house looking its very best, they can definitely help you save money and protect the environment. A new home electrician service can design and install the right solar panel to meet your specific needs.
5. Propane/ natural gas home standby generators. Installing a home standby generator that is powered using clean-burning natural gas or propane (rather than gasoline or diesel) will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted power even during power outages at minimal impact to the environment.